The importance 

of anything

is largely dependent on

the lens through which 

you see it. 



I watched a new movie. Very much a B movie. About gymnastics and really bad writing, about relationships and really bad acting. It was bad.


Last night I got together with a couple of friends from work and learned to knit!

THEN!!! I had dirty rotten amazing omg still weak in the knees sex with UG. Hot damn!! (I’m at work now, details later.) (I didn’t leave him until 2am so I’m putting it down for today. I don’t care if it’s cheating… I had sex with Unionguy!!! ­čśü)

P.S. He’s really fucking good! Like, I lost my virginity 27 years ago, have had six with 50+ men (vast majority were drunken one night stands in my messed up emotional 20s) and last night was absolutely hands down without a doubt the best night of sex I have experienced. Wow wow wow.┬á

P.P.S. Oh my vagina!


Today I cancelled my gym membership that I have had for about six months and never once used.

Never Have I Ever – Until Today 2:┬ácancelled a gym membership as my new year’s resolution!

Never Have I Ever – Until Today, Day 1

In honour of the new year, I decided that my resolution would be to do something new every single day. Not jump out of a plane or cure cancer new, just some little thing I’ve never done before. It is 9am on January 1, 2017 and I just realized that I’ve already done my new thing for today.

NHIE-UT 1: I hopped out of bed at 8am on New Year’s Day to put on my runners and exercise. Not because it’s a new year, not because I need to lose weight, not because I’m unhappy or determined to change myself, but because that’s simply what I do. I exercise and I love it.

Happy New Year, mother fucker! This one will surely kick ass – because they do! =D