Great news!

Okay, I have great news! I’m not pregnant!

Ha, I’m staring my 46th birthday in the eye and I’m still telling that joke. I think it’s starting to be funny again, especially since I’m officially* single and living alone, but it’ll never be as funny was it was when I was 15.

*And unofficially having fantasy-laden, mind-blowing, life-changing sex with a sexy man who steals into my house after the sun goes down… yummy yummy sex! lol**

**Yes, it’s true. Every conversation ends up being about Gord***

***A.K.A. Unionguy****

****I use a lot of * when I get stoned.*****

*****At least I do today.

Okay, that’s enough.

No wonder no one wants to listen to me. lol

Last night I started a new blog. Geezus, that was a long road to get to my point wasn’t it?*

*Too fucking bad _/ >smooches< \_





So, what happened was I drank a bottle of wine and went out to watch the rain and got all sobby with childhood memories and made a blog post. I logged out of this account on my phone and put it on my personal blog so I could link it to my Facebook. And I have no idea what the password is to this thing, and realized I don’t care! I’ve been playing around with starting a new blog with letters, things I want to say to people and about people. Kind of like a People of Barrie but a People of my Life.

After I post this I’m going over there to try out a different thing. I’m different again. Still the same but different. I feel like I’ve graduated to a new level. I want to check it out and see what I can do. Once I log out of here, I’ll be gone forever. And I’m kind of excited about that. I guess there was a life event after all. I didn’t even notice. That’s really quite exciting to me.

Omg, cramps. I might not even edit. Wouldn’t that be funny? If my last post on this blog after all this time was full of typos and weird stonedness?******


Check it out and tell me what you think.

I hope to see you there.

Or whatever.

That’s cool. Like, no pressure.

You know.

I think I need to stop.

Dare I not edit? Yes, that will be funny.

B’ye, y’all!



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