I was composing a post for my professional blog while I was mowing the lawn and, while I don’t have the time or wherewithal to write it now, I wanted to outline it for myself here. You can read it if you want, I don’t even know you. 😁

So, when I feel like someone is undervaluing my work experience, I often talk about how I made 6 figures in the job I had before I entered this career. And, knowing that it is human nature to exaggerate or, at the very least, spin the tale of a situation in your own favour, I guess people would wonder why I didn’t stay there (because the business was being sold) or why I didn’t find another similar job (because I wanted to take time off and because I hated that job in the end and no amount of money could make me go back to it or anything like it). No, I  didn’t intend to be off as long as I was, and no I did not expect to file for bankruptcy before I got back on track, but I was rolling with the punches and those were the punches life threw at me. 

All I wanted was to get up. I was willing to lose the fight to learn how to be better so I could grow to win more fights, and that’s exactly what I did. I’m in training for the title fight now, at the height of my career so far, and I want to talk about the trajectory. But it’s become so long and detailed that I need to summarize it properly. 

I need to summarize my journey to why.

The truth is my life has been about success. As hard as I tried I received in return. When I made an effort in school I got good grades, when I slacked off my grades suffered. When I thought I might fail, I was able to charm the teachers into giving me a passing grade. (In case you’re wondering, by “charm” I mean “get along, work harder and earn better grades”.) It was a real give and take, it worked for me. I was chosen for special projects, I was always encouraged and involved. I loved being involved. 


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