Self control 

I wrote in my journal earlier about self control, or, more specifically, my lack of it. I don’t understand. It’s not that I’m beating myself up, it’s not that I think I’ll be a better person if I lose weight or exercise or save money. But I do know that those things would be good for me. I would feel stronger, I would stress less, I would be in control. So why do I make these decisions that are against that? Why choose chips over strawberries? Why sit in front of the tv instead of doing yard work? Why sleep in instead of getting up and exercising? It’s not a hardship – I genuinely prefer fresh strawberries, yard work and exercise. I want to save money, I want to feel good about my choices. So why do I almost always choose the opposite? Is it simply habit? Is it easier? Do I like to rebel? What?? I don’t understand. But I think it’s time I did. I’ll look into it and let you know.


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