Boys boys boys

Miul – I saw him on Friday, did I tell you that? It was the first contact since early December. I assume it was because the time I spent with our little Gem opened my heart to a bunch of feelings that I’ve been suppressing and recovering from but basically I got loaded drunk and spite texted him after I got pissed off with Dateguy’s refusal to engage with me in an argument that had been brewing, ironically also since said visit with the Gem. Hmmm, didn’t see that connection before now. Oh, I didn’t tell you about the Dateguy non-drama yet??

Dateguy – So, before I texted Miul, I had a little temper tantrum on poor Dateguy. He asked earlier if I wanted to get together but, since I had screwed Unionguy the day before (are you keeping up with this soap opera?) and him the day before that, I decided to give my vagina and bedsprings a break and have an evening to myself. I think my first mistake was getting through a cooler and half a bottle of wine before I had anything to eat. And, if my second mistake was using the rest of the wine to quench my thirst while trimming trees in my back yard, then the third mistake was definitely cracking open the spiced rum when I came in an hour or so later. The biggest mistake, however, was picking up my phone. He was drunk and stoned with friends. I recall being very disappointed that he was stoned after all his talk about not wanting to get into that again but instead of saying anything about that I made a crack about him not wanting his friends to meet me. He said they weren’t cool enough for me but I channeled my former insecurities and decided he didn’t like me enough to bring me into that part of his life. In retrospect I can see that the conversation we had the week before about this and my decision to not tell him about spending time with the Gem was eating at me to the point of explosion. And explode I did. 

By most people’s standards this was not a big deal and would have been easily resolved with reassurance or a kind word. Instead he chose to ignore me, the consequences of which were not only reaching out to Miul but also the fact that our fun little affair has ended. We haven’t spoken since Saturday and I don’t expect we will unless he reaches out to me. I have not made a decision on whether or not I would see him if he asked and I have no anger or bad feelings toward him, I just don’t see any reason to try to work things out. If he can’t handle that tiny episode he definitely can’t handle me. And Unionguy has been taking care of my significant libido and minimal companion needs as it is. 

Unionguy – because when is it not mostly about him? Soon, perhaps. I’ve applied for a job in another city and will be moving 4 hours away if I get it. I think that would be somewhat of a relief to us both; it will end our affair cleanly and appease him of his guilt, and it will give us some distance to allow our plant to die (reference to a post in the fall that I’m too lazy… er, busy to hunt down and link here). Either way we had a lot of fun talking and sexing last night, even though he says he won’t come visit me if I move. Lol

Well, that’s all of the excitement in my life. I feel good right now. The silver lining in not getting the job I had pinned all of my hopes on is that the world has opened up and I don’t know what comes next again. And, if you know me at all, you know that’s my very favourite place to be.


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