I often think about your dog. The one your kids wanted; the one you got for them on the agreement that they took care of it. Kids being kids, you soon found that you were the one who walked it every day and you fed it and you played with it more than anyone. Things came to a head one day when you threatened to get rid of the dog if the kids didn’t step up and do the work. They didn’t. And you felt you had no choice but to find the dog a new home. As hard as it was, as much as you loved that dog, you loved your kids more and wanted to teach them that you are a man of your word, no matter what the cost. 

Sometimes I wonder if I’m like that dog to you. I think you enjoyed me, you had fun with me, maybe you even loved me a little tiny bit, but at some point you made a promise to Carol and you are not going back on your word. So, as hard as it was for me to do, I found a new home for myself.

Today I wondered what the dog felt when he was in my situation. Did he mope and feel sad? Or did he forget all about you and enjoy the affection he found in his new home? I wondered what he was thinking as you walked away. I like to imagine that, like I did, he was telling himself that you were just another guy with crumbs on his shirt.

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