Get ready 

Get your arms ready for a great big hug, he said. I’m on the way.

We couldn’t decide what to watch so we turned on some music and danced in the living room. We talked and flirted and kissed and touched and it was so so nice. 

To spend time with a giver who isn’t needy and desperate is dreamy. He thinks so too. 

For instance, I was trying to figure out how to have a Bev night on Friday when we haven’t been able to be together for the past three weekends. Then he said he was doing something with his friend on Saturday. So, we will spend Friday night together, I can putter on Saturday, pressure wash the driveway and maybe do a little work in the afternoon, maybe do some work, I’ll have Bev night on Saturday and sleep in on Sunday. Win, Win, win. My favourite. 

Something else that was funny today – he has a bubble of happy too. We agreed that we like being a part of each other’s bubble. 


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