I love that the last post was all about choosing DG, as if it were all up to me, as if saying I’ll go with him will make him go with me. 

Always trying to tie everything up with a fancy little bow, aren’t I? As if there’s an answer and an end, neatly packaged to my liking, say the word and I shall be healed.

Life just doesn’t work that way. I might fall in and out of love a hundred more times before I’m done, I might never be truly loved again. I might die two hours from now or live another 60 years and a day. Everything I’ve ever wanted might suddenly click into place and I’ll never have to worry about my health or money or where to turn ever again. 

Chances are pretty slim, though, yes? So I’ll soldier on, one breath at a time, aware that I don’t control what happens but I will hope and do and try my best. Good things will come. No matter what else, this I know for sure.


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