Date guy

Okay, this is starting to sound a little too similar to my diary when I was 15 – boys, boys, boys, money, weight, boys, boys, more boys. But I guess that’s who I am so I might as well just go with it. 

I think my little Unionguy melt down yesterday was perfectly timed because it seemed to purge some bad feelings and opened the way for new ones. I had such a good time with Date guy after. We had dinner at The Keg, laughed and laughed, and genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. Then we came back here and drank the bottle of wine he bought, watched my favourite movie Limitless, then a comedy special or two while sharing a few of the more intimate details of past relationships. He’s been hurt, it’s a fact.

The bedroom was the best surprise of the night. Significantly better than the night before in some ways, although he was still kind and attentive and very complimentary. We slept well and stayed in bed for another three or four hours after waking. 

He heard me, he listened, he looked for that sensitive spot on my belly, he breathed into my ear, rubbed my back and made me feel beautiful and important and kind of even cherished. And, as I’m writing that with tears blurring my vision, it’s obvious that those things are important and rare for me. 

So I ask again – is this sustainable? Only time will tell. But right now it is good, it is very good. 


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