Date guy

Date number 2 officially declared a success!

He cooked dinner last night. Then we watched a movie. Snuggled on the couch a little but no touching other than shoulders and feet. 

He has a cold sore which, if our lips were together, would be directly against the spot where I get them. The only strike against him so far (but not really a strike because Abreva!).

I like him. He is quietly calming. And I did feel tingles in the right places. And I liked how he smelled. And he is neat. And I didn’t have to clean the toilet seat before I sat on it. And he is so damn sweet but still a man. And I’m looking forward to seeing him again. And I want to kiss him.

Also, last night I downloaded the Duolingo app and started learning French. Has nothing to do with the fact that he’s French.  Nothing at all. Honest. 


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