Being a girl sucks 

I was thinking about writing a whole post about how I’m not going to try to mess around with Unionguy unless he initiates it but before I had a chance I sent him a text to invite him over tonight. 

I couldn’t remember why it seemed so important that I not contact him. Then I did and he said how happy he was to hear from me and he has plans with his brother in law but could he come over later and then we started chatting about the show he’s seeing and he sent a YouTube link and I’m an idiot. 

I’m upset that he doesn’t text in the evening but I told him it was too relationship-y. I’m worried when he doesn’t say good morning but I said he shouldn’t. I avoid contacting him and when I do I try to do sexy talk but he wants to hear about my day. 

I wonder how many potential relationships I have messed up due to my reaction to these stupid hormones? Not to mention how many actual relationships I killed.

How did I not see this before? I mean, I saw it. I knew it. It’s pretty obvious afterward, but definitely difficult to control during. 

Anyway, the moral of my story, I guess, is simply… I’m having sex tonight, yay! 

Damn I love this man. I’m playing with fire, aren’t I? I’ll just blame the hormones. 😊


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