Mommy issues

Let me put my mommy issues into perspective for you. Actually, perspective for me, pictures for you.

put a baggie of chocolates and caramels in my night stand drawer, to have something to help when I needed to swallow my frustration. 

I told her straight out that I was hurting. But I didn’t tell her the details and I didn’t want to share it. I have lived away from her most of my life so I usually talk to her about stuff in a medium that I can stop the communication the moment my blood starts to boil. 

Having her here while going through this facsimile of a break up was rough. Did I want to talk about it? No. Well, I guess I did talk about it here, didn’t I? I didn’t want her or her opinions to be any part of it. I don’t see the world as she does anymore. And, quite frankly, I like my way so much better. 


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