Our arrangement

Okay, here’s the deal, dear reader – you’re my new best friend and I’m going to tell you all the silly stupid stuff that a woman of nearly 46 shouldn’t be even thinking about. Because I can’t tell anyone else what a silly fool I am. And it’s no fun to be a silly fool unless you can be straight up silly and foolish. Deal? Deal.

I just saw Unionguy. It’s not that I knew he was in the building and completely orchestrated a situation where we randomly bumped into each other by finding an excuse to walk down the hall where his mom lives no less than four times in half an hour on the off chance that he’d be coming out her door because I look really cute today and I wanted him to know. That’s not what happened at all, honest. 😎

Okay, maybe that’s exactly what happened. And it worked. He was with his brother which made it even better because there was no talk about what is going on between us. It was all about their mom, I didn’t even smell him – thankfully, because Joy was already throbbing just breathing the same air as him.

He shook my hand, he looked me up and down, he noticed. Not that it means anything but he noticed.

Afterward I was thinking I’m an idiot and should have definitely left casual sex on the table but that was only a knee jerk reaction. This is better. I can please myself sexually and he will be with me the moment I close my eyes.

I want him to feel my absence. I want him to want me. For what it’s worth and just in case, I’m not completely done here. I’m glad that part is over, I’m willing to let my feelings fade away, but it might go a different way. There’s no way to know right now. All I know is that I really really really wanted to see him. And I really really really like getting what I want. And it’s fun to flirt and tease, let’s just stick with that for a while.


Practice, practice, practice.


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