Within you or without you

I have to tell you: I miss Miul. We had fun together. We were nice to each other. I loved being with someone I could be kind and gentle with, to have someone to laugh with and live along side of. I liked the things he liked. I wanted to be with him, he made me feel like I was wanted too. I felt calm with him, I felt like myself, that he saw me.

I want that in my life.

He took advantage of it, though. He started taking things I didn’t want to give. And I let him take me for granted for a very long time. He was so sad. And he loved me so much. I wanted to be everything he wanted me to be. He asked me to give and I gave. He begged me to give and I gave. He was mean to me and I gave. He ignored me and I gave. Until one day I realized I had enough.

I don’t want that in my life.

My sense is that a relationship with Unionguy will be like the first part. Kind. Respectful. Fun and comfortable.

What about the rest, I wonder. 
Getting to know you questions to ask Unionguy:

You say there are changes in you since we met. What is different?

How did you meet her? Summarize your history together.

Give me three reasons why you and she don’t live together. What is the percentage of the three reasons to a total of 100?

Tell me about Sunday.

Update me on your kids.

How do you feel about someone loving you? What would that look like to you?

I never ask questions if I’m not sure I want to hear the answer:

I like what you tell me you see when you look at the world. It makes me want to look at the world with you. (Do I make you feel that way too?)

Because I wear my heart on my sleeve, the men I get involved with tend to eventually take advantage of my kindness. They have ridiculed it, made fun of me about it, left it in the snow bank, and downright ignored it. I don’t think you’d take advantage of me in any of these ways. (But would you find your own way?)

I don’t want to chase anyone, I don’t want to be bought or earned; I really really  (really) like being seduced. I like seeing you with other people. I want to meet your father, I want you to meet my mom. (Will you meet my mom?)


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