I need to tell you this too

Wait, I’m not a complete idiot. This was our conversation before all that will we or won’t we stuff. (It’s mixed in with me trying to convince him to do my housework so I’ll just paste important parts.)

Him: Question Do you kind of feel like your high as a kite when we make love?

Me: Yes, absolutely 

Me: Does our lovemaking make you feel high as a kite too?

Him: Ya like actually high like when on weed or something. That’s all I have to compare it to.

Him: I get swept up in it all.

Me: Energy

Him: Ya I guess like that.

Me: We exchange our energy

Him: That must be it because once we connect and start it just seems to go and go and climb and change and build and intensify and so on and so forth. Powerful energy.

Me: It makes me feel excited and calm at the same time

Him: Yes, excited as we start and then calm as we move into it and through it. Then it takes me deeper and I explore and feel and listen and  move and give and take at the same time.

Me: Yes, that is exactly what I feel

Him: And the excitement builds again throughout but feeling, ” Ya that’s the feeling, right there…this is sooo gooood!”

But that’s sex, not real life.


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