Yeah, it’s that time again

This PMS is going to be the death of me.

Well, maybe not me but I have a feeling it will be the death of someone if everYONE DOESN’T STAY THE HELL OUT OF MY WAYYYYYYY! 


Being a girl sucks.

I never really noticed PMS before. I think being on the pill tempered some of these feelings. Also, let’s face it, until somewhat recently I was always on edge and flew off the handle at the slightest frustration anyway. These days I’m pretty calm, for the most part. Except during the few days before my period. Then I feel I’m constantly on edge and interruption of the status quo makes me want to lash out, I want to cry and vomit and my brain is fuzzy and I can’t seem to get my shit together. Will this end with menopause? And, if so, can we get that started already, please?

(Ironically, I wrote this when I was frustrated and on the edge of losing my shit, and it didn’t post… that’s how I realized they disconnected my phone service again. That, of course, came after I went to my doctor appointment because I am completely out of my drugs and needed the prescription renewed and found out that my appointment was actually supposed to be last Thursday and my doctor wasn’t in. And then I got my paystub and found out that I’m only getting 38% of my shitty ass commission. Not that I need any money or anything. Everything is WONDERFUL!)

{Update a few days later: funny how I didn’t mention that I was thrilled when I went to the pharmacy they said I still have two refills on file so I can put off my trip to the doctor for six months or so, and I also had a pending sale move forward. But those are good things. You can’t mention those things when you’re busy being mad at the world. 😊}

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