Spring break 

To be brutally honest, at this moment there is nothing I want more in this world than to go sit on Miul’s door step and feel them close to me.

For the past five years we have looked forward to and celebrated this week of family time. Now it is gone. 

What if? 

What if we learned our lessons, what if we accepted that we aren’t perfect but…

I don’t know. 

We were shit, let’s be realistic. But we were good shit. We loved each other.

The idea of seeing them right now makes me want to fall apart at the seams. At the same time, though, I want some of it back. 

I want to walk over there, to sit on their step and have them recognize me and welcome me into their home with loving arms. I want to see my cat. And my kid. And my man, who loved me more than anyone ever has.  

It was good, right? We had love, before this man and this alternative lifestyle where people are actually nice to each other came along. 


Well, nice except they fuck over the people they are supposed to love most. 

This would put an end to all that. And start the other again. All I have to do is put on my jacket and walk over there. 

All I have to do is put on my jacket and walk over there. 

All I have to do is put on my jacket and walk.

All I have to do. 

And someone will love me. 

And someone will love me more than anyone else. 

All I have to do

Is put on my jacket

And boots

And start walking 

And everything will be okay again

Everything will be okay 

If I just put on my jacket 

And boots 

And start walking 

And believe 






I have 




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