See what I’m talking about?

It’s not my fault! The man is a witch, I swear! He’s got some stupid psychic power that says ‘🎵she’s starting to pull away!🎶’ and he’s all like ‘well, damn, I better get on that!’ And he asks if he can call.

I get nervous, of course. He’s going to call it off. Or he’s going to say it’s over with her! Maybe there’s something wrong with his mom. Maybe he’s really sick, like something bad. Call already, dammit!

Oh, hey, how’s it going, he says. Instant calm. And we talked for over an hour and now I want to marry him again. Not really. Yeah, sort of. 😝

The BFFBC analogy worked well, though. We talked and laughed. Told stories. He told me about how wonderful he is and I agreed. I told him how wonderful I am and he knew it all along. It was nice. Fun. Funny. 

He’s a good friend. That’s enough. 


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