My day?

How was my day? Why do you want to know? What’s it to you? You think you’re some kind of nice guy I never met before? You think you’re gonna con me? You gonna be all charming and fuching hot and make me think you like me or something? You going to kiss my vagina from every possible angle? Over and over, jesus. (Does it bother you when I swear?) And the backs of my knees? You’re going to let me sit on your lap and pull your hair when I want more? Are you kidding me? 

You faker! No man is that good. No one says “tell me about your day” and then listens to your answer. No almost 59 year old man gets it up twice in one night. Barely a 25 year old gets it up twice. You make me literally squeal. 

You make me feel good about me. You make me believe in you. You live who you are. Are you kidding me? People really do that? Shut the front door. (Do you think you’re old for me?) Do you think you’re old? You make comments sometimes. And I think you see the benefits of getting old as much as you struggle with the shitty parts. 

Sometimes it is overwhelming to be with you. Sometimes I think my heart can’t take it. But when you are gone I understand what it really is that my heart can’t bear. 

You think you aren’t made for me and that you and me weren’t made for each other in every possible way? That’s not even funny. 

Yes, I love you and want to spend every day of the rest of my life with you. Are you in? Are we going to get to know each other and really figure this shit out? Win or lose, are you in? Are you in, mother fucker??? (*teehee* Just kidding. S’up?) (I☺me) (lol)

Sorry, not ready to believe in this yet. Try me again tomorrow. Maybe not have a girlfriend this time, yeah?


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