The pot-y is over 

I expect I’ll be significantly less active here than I have been for the past month or so. Without the inebriation to access the voices in my head and the conflicting voices frustrating my decisions, I return to normal, ordinary, happy, busy me. 

It was nice to step back into that life for a while but it lasted entirely too long in many ways. In that life my world is obsessed with my life. I want, I need, I think, I will, but I rarely do. These days I need to “do” much, much more than in the past. Get stoned to consider what to do but sober to actually get up and do it.

I’m still crazy about my Unionguy. I am actively speaking of love inside my head but I’m sure that roller coaster isn’t coming to an end yet. Just on the way back up the steep track and preparing myself for the drop on the other side. My seat belt is secure and I’m ready. Fair warning: there will be screaming. But a lot of laughter and pleasure mixed in too.

Some serious pleasure on the way Wednesday night. I can’t wait to see/touch/feel/smell/fuck him again. Isn’t this anticipation wonderful?


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