If Jeff was living here as originally planned, he would constantly make comments about the mail that comes for the lady who owns the house. Investment statements galore! And he would think it isn’t fair that they have so much and we have so little. How is it even possible? Did they all win the lottery? Why can’t I have money like that?

Because they worked hard and saved! They didn’t need rehab or recovery time, there was no alcohol or drug abuse, no furniture broken during a fight, no jail time. 

They got up every day and went to work, even when they didn’t feel like it. They refrained from buying extravagant purchases, even when they really wanted them. They held themselves to a standard, they gave to people in need, they tried and tried and tried. And they succeeded. All over the course of about 60 years. 

That’s why they have so much. You did none of those things, that is why you do not. Math.


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