Title, no title

Not really having a good day today. No real reason why, which means it’s probably just me, just my cycle, just the position of the moon or stars in the sky. I guess that helps, but mostly I want to pull my hair out, scream, eat, oh the compulsion to eat is strong. Haven’t I written this post before? Is that supposed to be comforting or unnerving?

Let’s check, shall we? Brb…

Yeah, that was an error in judgement. It seems this listless feeling is happening right on time. But the post I wrote on October 12th made me cry for some reason. What the fuck am I doing with this guy??

I’ve been strongly believing in the “making decisions as I go” life I’ve been living but it occurs to me that it is without direction. I am feeling a little lost in the woods. I think it’s time to sit down and take out my compass. Whatever that means. lol


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