Magnetic story

I have had this magnet my whole life. Every Christmas since I was a kid, I have taken it out of a box, dusted it off, and hung it on my fridge – the door I saw more than any other throughout my childhood. Lol

I especially loved my magnet because it was really hard to find things with my name on them, because my name was common a bazillion years before I was born! (channeling my inner teen *ahem*) 

But then, one year, on Christmas day, I unwrapped the best magnet in the world. 


It has been on my refrigerator door in Wabush, Labrador; Kelligrews, Newfoundland; Richmond, British Columbia; Langley, British Columbia; Renfrew, Ontario; and Barrie, Ontario. 

And yesterday, for the first time ever, I realized that my name wasn’t printed on it after all.

Someone printed my name on a sticker and glued it over some other name. 

What a scam.

Isn’t it wonderful that someone thought enough of me to go to the trouble? 


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