In other news 

There was another interesting event in my life yesterday. (Yesterday was a very big day in Bev world!)

I received my cell phone bill and it turns out good ole Jeffy-boy (a.k.a. Miul) racked up $1000 in charges texting some chick in the states. Boy am I pleased with my generosity in letting him stay on my fucking account for a while. 

The money part sucks but the thing that really chaps my ass is how he’s been making me feel awful and guilty for moving on with my life and all the while he’s had something going with someone else! Fucker! Manipulative son of a bitch. 

But that’s the end of that. Finally I am free. Good riddance, asshole. $1000 is a small price to pay to have him out of my life. 

Also, bye bye commission I’ve been working my ass off for. Guess I won’t get to do my courses AGAIN this semester because of him. I just realized that and now I’m all fucking pissed off again. Dammit.


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