Dear Unionguy – for reals

My furnace died today. My landlords were out of town, I know nothing about furnaces and natural gas heat. I didn’t know what to do so I called the only person I ever want to call. He came to look at it for me to make sure it wasn’t some stupid quick fix thing (i.e. I once called a dishwasher repairman and it cost a couple hundred bucks for him to tell me that I needed more jet dry). Anyway, I wrote him an email after and pressed send before I could change my mind. It occurred to me a moment ago that I had intended to let it sit a while so I could edit. Oops.

Hello Mr Guy:

Thanks again for helping me today. I did call the heating company (apparently Yanch is now Reliance Home Heating, fyi) but no one will be able to come until tomorrow afternoon. I spoke with my landlords and they will cover the costs. Now I shall get rip-roaring drunk and sit by the electric fireplace! =D 

Before I do that, however, I want to address a couple of things you said yesterday and today. I assume you were teasing but I want to clarify because your comments surprised me.

This afternoon you said you were the last person I wanted to call for help. You don’t really think that, do you? Nothing could be further from the truth. I know I come across as very social but I don’t have many friends – by choice for the most part but it can be inconvenient from time to time. I appreciate your friendship and am very thankful that I can call on you for advice and support. I try to avoid contacting you outside of office hours as I don’t want to cause trouble in your relationship but, when something good or bad happens to me, you are invariably the first person I want to tell. I think you are an amazing human being and I am tremendously happy to be able to call you a friend. Simply knowing you has changed my life in ways I couldn’t begin to describe. (That is not hyperbole.)

I laughed yesterday when you said I already dumped you twice. I guess that is true in a way, but it was not dumping so much as self preservation. Especially the second time. I was really starting to get jealous and frustrated that I couldn’t have you in my life the way I want. I don’t like feeling that way and I knew those feelings weren’t warranted. It is not your fault that you want to be with her instead of me and I honestly believe you should do what makes you happy. But getting angry about your choice wasn’t making me feel very happy so I decided to step back before I said or did something I might regret. I’m glad you were cool about it and that we can still be friends. I miss you but I would rather have you a little bit in my life than not at all.

Okay, this is getting lengthy and very much outside of my comfort zone. I’m sure none of this comes as a shock and I will be very embarrassed the next time I see you but I just wanted it to be said. For what it’s worth and all. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks again. xo

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