For future reference

He avoids things that bother him or make him feel uncomfortable.

That’s human nature, pretty much. But, since we’ve often discussed things that bothered me or made me uncomfortable, I had the impression that he would talk about anything.

I sent him a note last night; completely platonic, asking the name of a movie he had mentioned. (It really does sound interesting, so sue me!) He responded this morning. I said thanks, he said he didn’t mean to wake me, I said he didn’t, he said something else general, hope all is well type thing, I said I miss you have a good day, he told me a bit about his world today, said he’ll see me at the Christmas party on Friday, I didn’t reply. (Yet. If I know me, and I think I do, I probably will.)

It was when I was working out later that I came to the realization and it made sense. His reaction when his wife told him she wanted a divorce, things he has said about wanting to break up with his girlfriend long before I broke up with Miul, things he told me about his life growing up – if you can’t say anything nice kind of stuff.


I’m just going to tuck that in here for future reference.

For when he is mine.

Oh, yes, for when he is mine.

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