In between

I would like to take a moment at this juncture to explain something about me and my blogging/diarizing habits. This is where I vent my frustrations, work out my problems and sometimes record the day to day happenings in my life. You should know, however, that when I’m not writing about something tearing me apart, life is going pretty well.

It was a good weekend. I worked half the day on Saturday and spent the other half of Saturday and all day Sunday outside clearing leaves off my lawns. It was wonderful. I got stoned in the evenings and probably ate a little more than I normally would (munchies!) but I also exercised, ate healthy food (other than munchies!) and pretty much felt amazing.

Life is full of ups and downs. One of the greatest lessons of my past decade is that the bad will always come eventually; no matter what, frustrations and heartaches and problems are inevitable. But the good stuff always comes eventually, too. New loves, promotions, sunny days and happiness are alway always on the horizon. Sometimes you have to hang on until they arrive, but they will. They will.



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