One week, two weeks


Damn, I feel revitalized! Don’t ever let anyone tell you to avoid emotional breakdowns. They are cathartic and freeing! I didn’t even know that shit was in there floating around anymore. I guess I should thank Miul’s constant barrage of texts that got me so frustrated it came out. I won’t tell him that, though. The man does not need any encouragement.

Tomorrow it will be one week since I’ve been in contact with UG and two weeks since I’ve stood in the same room as him. That is the longest stretch since July. I miss him but it’s kind of easy right now, seeing he’s in another country and all. Next week will be hard. Maybe. Maybe. We’ll see. I’m going to be calm, cool and collected. I am going to keep my feelings to myself and just be the wonderful outgoing bright and shiny me that everyone else sees. With the flirt, of course. Oh, my freaking loins. Just the thought of him gets me stirred up.

Working from home for the rest of the week and possibly next week too. I work in a senior’s community and there is a bug going around so I get kicked out first. This is my first time spending the day in the home office of my new house. I had a bookkeeping company and worked from home/lived alone from 2001-2004. That was before I understood how important it was to feed the social side of my personality and being alone so much almost killed me. Quite literally. I’m better now. And I will spend the vast majority of my time on the phone so I’m not too worried. Might need to throw in a “get off your ass and go where people are” break from time to time. Only time will tell.



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