I am very happy tonight. My friend from BC and my little sister/friend is here too! We smoked a little and ate reasonably low calorie munchies, went out for dinner, watched a movie . They’re both gone to bed now. I have always liked to stay up last. 

I texted a bit with UG today too. Told him Ted (the shower head) said hi. He said he wished he could see the world through Ted’s eyes (or something like that).

Then I was asking about the can opener he suggested. He was shopping and went to a couple of stores in his area while I went to the same stores on the other end of town. Later I sent a picture of a dollar store opener and we had a quick exchange about me trying to find something else to do with the batteries. 

The point I’m trying to make, besides commenting on how cute we are, is that we correspond just as much without the sex talk. That makes me very happy. 

But, as it was with the naughty stuff, now I want more. (Not every thing. Just a little bit more.)

(I’m fucking crazy about this guy.)

(Seriously, it’s gross.)


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