My current vision board looks a little like this:

I would like to maintain the status quo with Unionguy. His relationship will end naturally, or it won’t; he will come for me when he’s ready, or he won’t; I will find someone else, or I won’t . (Maybe I should start dating. Or I won’t. Yet.)

I want to start swimming lessons. Can I do them in the evening? 

I’m doing two courses starting in January. I’m getting really good with money so I’ll have enough this time. 

I want to paint this house. One room per month, maybe. I could plot a course and keep y’all entertained with my exploits.

I really want to do well with my job. I want to excel. I want to do the work it will take to excel.

I think it’s time to step away from one of my volunteer commitments. It has become frustrating and a constant annoyance. (I feel bad. But, hell, if Miul can get over me, so can they.) 

PS, two days without texts from UG. I keep looking for him. I expect he will reach out after I stop concerning myself. He knows what he’s doing. Dude is a ladies man, a charmer, a real smoove cat. Or he’s just busy. We’ll see what happens. My BFF from Vancouver is here for the weekend. She will keep me plenty distracted; it is her duty.


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