Bang bang!

I’ve been noticing triggers that seem to set off my behaviours lately. I didn’t see them before but now it’s almost laughable. 

I had a burger and fries exactly one time in the little over a month that Miul and I have been apart. I stopped at the drive-thru on my way home from our first visit after the split. Trigger. Bang. The next time I saw him I nearly ordered a pizza. (I had pizza with him the next time.)

Another funny one was on my birthday when my mother made a comment about me saying I was going to eat half my cake. In reply I said I will eat the whole cake and then I’m going to bake another cake and eat that too. Bang bang bang! I only ate half of the miniature cake. (Eff her anyway, she ain’t the boss of me.)

Oh, and Unionguy of course. Girl boner. Every single time. Bang. Me. (Please.)


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