The hardest part about life when I first left Karl was the loneliness. We had lived together for 5 years and my life revolved around his. We were busy when he said we had something to do, we stayed home when he said we’re staying home, we ate what he wanted to eat and we had sex on the rare occasion that he wanted to have sex. 

I really liked doing all the things he wanted to do because I just wanted to be doing. Eventually I started wanted to do things that I wanted to, and although I wanted to do those things with him, he only wanted to do things he wanted to do. (I may have just described every relationship I’ve ever had.)

So I went off to do the things I wanted to do and left him free to do the things he wanted to do. I found out shortly after that one of the things he wanted to do was his friend Jenny. Then I wanted to do everyone. Then I kind of did. (It was super fun!)

I had a crush on a guy  I’d met at a concert about a month before I was single (and by “met” I mean “made out with”). Unfortunately by the time we got back in touch he was already off the market. He invited me to a party he and his roommates were having. And I proceed to have (apparently very loud) sex with my crush’s very hot friend.

A couple of days later the third roommate called and asked if I wanted to get together. He seemed nice so I said sure why not and invited him over. While we were hanging out I got the sense that he figured I screwed around with both of his roommates so I was a sure thing. Which I pretty much was but I wasn’t going to serve it up on a silver platter. He would only get it if he worked for it. He wasn’t smooth enough to understand how to get into a girl’s pants without buying her a bunch of stuff first. So innocent. Anyway, I had other plans for this guy.

I told him he could stay over but that I didn’t want to have sex. He left at the crack of dawn the next day, just as I’d hoped he would. I figured he went home and high fived his roomies that they all three had bagged the same babe. (Or, if he didn’t outright tell them, I don’t doubt for a moment that he let them assume we had sex.) I didn’t care. I screwed my chances with my crush when I forced him to listen to me having sex with his best friend, and the best friend was way too cute for me sober. I wanted number three dude to tell his friends whatever he wanted – it didn’t matter to me because I got what I wanted. As I said, I was lonely, so I wanted someone to cuddle with for the night without having to suck his penis first. I win. =D

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