We shall see?

Oh, yeah, about two hours later he texted. He was in to see his mom, should he stop by? His mom, schmom! Do you know that since I told him about my feelings for him on October 3rd I have seen or spoken with him every single day except three (2 Sundays and Thanksgiving holiday)?? Do you know that before I told him about my feelings for him I used to see him about once, maybe twice a week? Sometimes not even that often. Yeah. Oh yeah.

The first thing he said when he came into my office, referring to the sexy story he texted me the other night, was “the book is usually better than the movie, you know.” Sometimes, yes… but when the movie has lips and a penis? I’m gonna start melting butter for my popcorn, thankyouverymuch. =D

My boss and coworker know all about the big crush now. When they saw him walking toward the desk/offices they came running in to tell me. Yeah, I know. Then it’s all OMG, he totally likes you too, blah blah blah and shut up he’ll hear you, because apparently we’re all 12. I thought it was just me.

After he left my boss was saying how obvious I was, smiling at him and laughing at his stories. I had left the door open even though I have always closed it – I didn’t want them to think there was something sexy going on, I also didn’t want something sexy (read: inappropriate) going on. Not in my office. Anywhere else, maybe.

So dumb. But fun.

Tomorrow I head to my super awesome sister’s house and let the plant dry out a little. As if he’ll notice. Maybe he’ll notice.

Yep, I’m 12. Actually, I’ll be 45 on Friday next week.

And I gots me a great big huge mother frickin crush.


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