Carl the cake

The other day I was telling you about how I felt bad after flirting with him because now he’s with her and I’m alone, right? Well, obviously I had no idea what he was doing at the moment but an hour or two later he was at home, texting me. (Please note that I had a emotionally dramatic conversation* with Miul and drank a whole bottle of wine** in the two hours before I heard from him so I was feeling quite *vulnerable and **horny by then.)

He said he was glad that I was able to be there for his mom’s party. I said I had fun, even though I always feel stupid five minutes after I see him due to my silly school girl crush and all. A bit of flirting ensued but then the naughty talk started, as usually tends to happen. He told me the story of what he wanted to do to me while we touched ourselves and I want to record it here… because that’s just what I do. And it’s pertinent to my next post. And it was fucking hot.

(I’m going to make the story a private post. As I was writing it out I realized I want it for myself, I don’t want to share.)



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