I think it might be time to get a little thirsty.

I’m always there, waiting for a chance to see him. I hear his voice and leave my office so I can “run into” him. He sends a text and I say “visit me, please!” We sit and talk or text for hours, I stop what I’m doing and concentrate on him. I am never not there, never not available. 

So, what would happen in a drought? Would he notice, would he get sustenance elsewhere? Or would he miss me? Would he crave me? Would he want me so much he’d have to have me? 

I’m not going to play games, not going to be coy (much), I’m simply going to stop chasing him until he catches me. I’m going to move the water can to the left a little and hope he comes looking for it.

Have you ever seen those plants that look wilted and almost dead but as soon as you add water they spring back to life? I’m going to do that. And if I leave it thirsty for too long and it dies? I’m going to find a new plant.

At this point I only get to watch the plant from a distance anyway. Eventually I’m going to need a plant of my own. I’m going to have an amazing, beautiful, healthy plant someday, whether it’s with him or not. It’s time to change the water schedule.

What do I have to lose?

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