Chemistry, proximity and opportunity

These are the three things Unionguy says make up love affairs. To avoid bad judgement (read: transgressions against his girlfriend), you must remove at least one of these factors.

I was about to say you can’t do anything about chemistry, but he was right when he said it needs to be fed. Like a plant in soil, the chemistry will grow with water; without water, the plant will die. To continue with the plant allegory, I think the water is opportunity, and the plant and soil need to be in close proximity for any growth (or transgression) to occur.

We aren’t going to take the plant out of the soil because we like the plant, it is beneficial to us both. Proximity is a factor we can’t readily change because his mother lives where I work (I mean, we could avoid each other but if one were determined to see the other, it would happen). Opportunity, then, must be minimized as much as possible (i.e. him not coming to my house).

I will admit that with all of my best intentions and moral values, every time I have pictured him coming to my house, it ended with me climbing on top of him. And that innocent and oh so natural smooch he planted on me was after I showed him around here the first time. I don’t have to fight these urges so much anymore. He does.

I’m okay with this. As long as I get to keep our chemistry and proximity, the water can sit in the jug on the other side of the room for a while. It’s so much better if you let it get to room temperature first, anyway.



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