I. Am. Canadian.

It’s Thanksgiving up here in Canada. And, as is tradition… here’s what I’m thankful for:

Although it might not be obvious to the casual observer, I am very thankful for the direction my life is headed right now.

I’m thankful for my new home. I love this house. No, I LOVE this HOUSE! I spent the afternoon moving super heavy spare bedroom furniture that my landlords have loaned to me (I will definitely pay for that tomorrow); I spent the evening cleaning the guest bathroom and mopping floors. Yesterday I was trimming bushes and… well, crying, actually. It was the first Gem weekend without me and I felt really down. Lonely, and alone. Until I got… wait, I’ll tell you about that in a minute.

It’s hard but I’m thankful that I’m finally free of my relationship. I was in, I was committed, I was (quite frankly) watching the clock and waiting for it to end. I was waiting for it to end the first time I met him in person, I knew it would end, but I hoped it wouldn’t. I wanted to be wrong. I wasn’t. I’m thankful I wasn’t wrong.

I’m thankful for Netflix. I no longer have cable; $8 instead of $120? Thanks Netflix. Currently watching Mike Birbiglia. Funny dude.

I’m thankful for Strongbow. I cracked open the first one when I was cooking dinner at 4:45pm. In a moment I will open #4. I’m okay with getting rip-roaring drunk today, it’s Thanksgiving dinner this year was chicken and rice. Tasted good but it was no Mom’s turkey, let me tell you.

You know I’m going to bring it up: I’m thankful for Unionguy. No matter what happens, no matter if he leaves his GF or loves her more than ever, I am thankful to know him and thankful that he exists in this world. I will wait for him, or I will find someone like him (if that is possible). He is special, he is amazing, he is… changing my life.

I got this text yesterday:


There is another hour of texts after that. He cooked Thanksgiving dinner for his family, cooked it at home and brought it all to the retirement residence where his mom lives (where I work, obv.), he set tables, gathered leaves for decoration, it goes on and on. He is amazing. Amazing.

Thank you, Unionguy. Thank you.



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