So, this happened


Am I a bad person? I really like him, I know that isn’t a bad thing. I have to admit, I wasn’t overly happy with his later response. It was sexy but… if he is a fucker arounder, I don’t want things to go far with him. If he’s going to screw around on her, I could never trust him if we got together. Rock, hard place, massive Unionguy boner.

He’s been out of town since that day. I haven’t seen him and I’m quite nervous to see him again. We got a little graphic in our texting. I’m terrible at this stuff. I love it but equally hate it.

If nothing else, I know without a doubt that my libido is not dead. Just not sure how much trouble it will cause me. Because, quite frankly, if he is going to screw around on his girlfriend and that will make me not want to have a relationship with him, what’s the harm in a little fun?

Yup. Complete whore.

I can blame him, yes?

2 thoughts on “So, this happened

  1. I would say watch the texting while he is still with his girlfriend… I would imagine that if you wouldn’t want anything to do with him if he actually cheated… would you really want much to do with him if he texts other girls while he’s with someone too? I am terribly flirty sometimes… I know I can be and it is fun to be slightly scandalous – but don’t let it go too far or get too outrageous… not until he’s single anyway. Besides possibly putting him in a position that would make him less attractive, you may run into jealous girlfriend issues should she happen to see any of this written down…


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