Unionguy came to see me today. I texted to ask about the house electrical, gave me some good advice. I thanked him for his time. He said he was going to take a mid-day break and visit his mom. I told him to stop in and say hello if he had time. Which he did. And he texted me when he was delayed to say when I can expect him. Because that’s how his mom raised him.

We chatted for a while. I told him I had been packing up my apartment and stumbled across a bunch of skeletons in the closet. He said he had gone through a similar patch with his girlfriend and he wasn’t smart enough to take the out.

Then a little chime rang and reminded him he had to be in the city (to teach ???!) in two hours. He was all flustered and got up to leave. Before he walked out he called out to me (I was talking to someone by the courier) and said “don’t worry, we’ll get you all fixed up” or some awesome sauce like that. Panty wetting, that fella.

Then I went to the house. And while I was there I decided I’m doing this. I’m doing this! Mil will have to become Miul, Man I Used to Love.

I feel really happy right now.

Ima go rub one out and sleep on it. 🙆



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