Late night/early morning thoughts

1. The litter smells really bad. Dude at the store convinced me to try a new kind, said it was better than what we were using. I should have known better because what we were using was Phenomenal, with a capital Ph.

Go get some.


2. Today I made a comment, as per usual, expressing my ambition to become the GM at a retirement community. Nine year old Gem asked why. She said, “You always talk about being the manager… why do you want that job so much?” Her father made a comment along the lines of me being a control freak and wanting to call the shots. The answer I gave when asked this by my colleagues has been “Because I’m going to be really good at it” but that didn’t feel sufficient so I thought it out.

I said “Because it will be challenging. Most of the jobs I’ve had were very easy for me but this job would be different every day, I will have to try harder and learn more and push myself beyond the things I have already accomplished. That makes me very excited.”

3. Ironically, I decided last night to put that ambition on the back burner for a bit while I kick some major ass in this sales role and work to make our new (60 years old but new to us) house a home.

4. I need to go back to bed. My 3-6am sleeplessness mess of a habit is complete for another night.


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