In case you were wondering

I called him today. I finally found a valid excuse and went for it.

One of our new residents is selling her home and trying to sell her husband’s old hunting trophies. We were chatting about what she should do with them and, while we had a couple of ideas, we really didn’t know where to start. Unionguy knows everything about everything, okay? And he is patient and kind and giving and stuff like that.

So I sent a text to say I needed his advice when he had a few moments to chat. He called, even though he is involved in some deal that has a bazillion workers and they’re getting down to the nitty-gritty. He’ll tell me about it later, no doubt, but no time to chat today. He said he would take them if they’re free, but no, she wants to see if they have value. I asked about auctions (which he thought was a good idea, btw) and we chatted about options and ideas.

As we neared the end of the conversation, I asked him what he would do with them if she was giving them away and he said he would hang them in his office. I said he could tell everyone about his very successful hunting trip; he said he’d rather tell them about the old lady who moved into a retirement residence and had to find a new home for them when she sold her house, because that’s far more interesting.


Or he could tell the story of how he shot his friend on a hunting trip and the third friend stayed while he ran for help. When he got back his friend asked if he did a good job and Unionguy said it would have been better if he didn’t gut and hang him. I was totally following along and enthralled until I realized it was a joke. I told him he was funny, he told me I was cute (I totally made that part up), and we parted ways with him saying he’s pretty sure he’s supposed to come for his mom for some reason but he wasn’t sure that that was, okay bye.

I’m going to ask him to look at the electrical in the house (he is actually an electrician. I’m pretty sure). After I’m going to ask him to sit down, I’m going to offer him a cold beverage, and then I am going to ask him all about what went into organizing this huge union thing-a-ma-bobber he mentioned today. I might even rub my boobs against him during an innocent hug goodbye, we’ll see how things go.


Point of interest:  I saw a new picture of him yesterday when I stalked his Facebook and I instantly calmed. Attraction is weird, so strong and physical, but also logical and fun.

Other point of interest: Today I was thinking about how I was blabbering on about him and the whole situation last night, and then I realized that I always seem to fall in love when I am stressed and facing change. It’s been a part of leaving, sometimes much much more important than the person I was leaving. I just say I have to leave, I don’t say no one is allowed to come with.


Also? I think he would be knocked flat on his ass to know someone thinks about him as much and as often as I do. Age and experience tell me that someone out there is thinking as much and as often about me. I sure hope it’s him. 😊


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