Dear Unionguy:

Do you remember the last time we met in my office? You told me something that just might prove to be exceptionally important in my career. I told you my stupid (but also maybe genius) idea about tenancy rates. That’s when I realized I had never actually said it out loud, and I told you as such. My interpretation of your response goes something like – don’t be afraid to share a stupid idea, that’s what teams are for, to decide if ideas are worth building on. Pin your ideas up on the wall and see if they start a conversation.

You also told me to never delay telling someone how they impact your life. And here we are.

This stupid idea about stupid idea sharing made me stop and consider. I have been researching and developing industry specific ideas for about seven years and, especially in the past year or so, have not been sharing them. I have ideas that I have been considering and developing since my career began 25 years ago, or maybe even sooner. I wanted to keep it all to myself, to look at and elaborate on, and to be ready to spring forth when my time to be awesome began. I shielded them, kept them in my side pocket so to speak, but they were growing and I was going to blow them all away!

Then, the other day it hit me: if I never said my brilliant ideas out loud, how would anyone know I had brilliant ideas?


So, today I shared one. I almost didn’t. I struggled with it. I had a perfect chance to tell LadyD about it yesterday and I couldn’t make myself even elude to the fact that I might possibly have an idea. Today I spoke up. And we’re doing it. And it sparked a whole chain of ideas and… well, take a look the next time you come in. It’s good.

Thank you for that.

I think I told you how much I enjoy learning and improving. I read a lot of business books. I have notepads full of ideas and sketches and charts. Several. But some lessons only get through to me when they are in conversation. The little thoughts I have shared are usually supported initially but without follow through. I do get called “Princess” a lot, though, so that’s encouraging. I have no one to have a conversation with; I want to have a conversation with you.

You have a perspective that is very unique and a knowledge base different from mine yet seemingly with the same lessons. I like who you are and what you think/know/believe completely fascinates me. I would like to know more, if you’ve got the time and inclination to help me out. (Absolutely no hard feelings if you don’t.) That’s what’s in it for me, I have no idea what might be in it for you. (But I have been told I’m fun to be around.) (Just saying.)

I would like to have a business relationship with you, a mentorship. You should know, however, that I am attracted to you and inclined to try and flirt from time to time. (I’m not very good at it.) Please don’t get the wrong idea. I won’t deny that Jeff and I have our struggles, and  are currently having a tough time getting over this latest life hurdle, but, pending an end of life or him walking out the door, I have a minimum of five more years with him. (I promised myself I’d give him 10 years and he has had 5.)  (Or 6, depending on where I draw the line). ((Read that as me being logical more so than mean hearted, please.))

Anyway, I have tried to have friendships with men before. When I was single they invariably became physical to some degree but that’s not an option this time*. But there was always times that signals got crossed and assumptions were made. So, as a business relationship, here is what I have to offer and expect: no texts before 9am or after 5pm or on weekends, emails are fine if they appear more professional, no physical contact except many handshakes please and the occasional/frequent bear hug in private would be left to your discretion (whether or not a jar of jam is being exchanged), mutually agreed upon afternoon meetings about whatever topic comes up (I’ll tell them we are working on CARP business, you can say I’m involved with the NDP but we still have some arguing to do about that topic). Anything to add, sir?

Just sign on the dotted line, already. I miss your face.


Do you like me? (circle one)                   YES                NO





* None of this will be said, because I can’t stop wanting it to be an option.


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