Discover Challenge: The Poetry of List-Making

via Discover Challenge: The Poetry of List-Making

I make lists to plan out my life, especially when I want to compose my thoughts and record my life plans. A veritable map making, if you will.

When I was leaving British Columbia in 2009 I wrote out my plans in a notebook. I knew where I wanted to end up, but how I would get there was a mystery. So I wrote out backward lists of possible scenarios for fun. I found that notebook a few months ago and laughed to see virtually none of the plans had come to pass, yet I landed exactly where I wanted to be.

As I am at another crossroads, I find myself planning the steps to my next destination. Only it’s difficult to write down this time, because I’m not the only one involved.

Ima do it anyways.


Destination: I see myself standing on the porch with the love of my life, welcoming people coming toward us. There are many of them and they are our family; kids, grandkids, foster kids, grand-foster kids. Where are they coming from? How will this come to be? Let’s see, shall we?

1. In October Mil, Gem and I move into a rented house

2. I will finish the certification I have been working toward

3. I will become the manager where I work

4. I will get a new car

5. I will work on a university degree in psychology

6. We will replace the old appliances over time

7. At the end of the lease we will purchase the house

8. We will renovate and make it our own


10. Within five years we will start bringing in foster children, teenagers who need love and direction and guidance

11. I will finish my degree

12. He will work from home and be the good cop

13. I will become the Director of Customer Service where I work

14. We will travel

15. We will move a few times but stay in Ontario

16. We will help people

17. We will make the world a better place

18. We will love each other and know we are meant to be together, in this life and the next and the next

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