Today was an amazing terrible wonderful day from hell – Part 2

Okay, I blathered on about the terrible part enough. I want to tell you about the amazing and wonderful parts. What was so amazing and wonderful about them, you ask? Nothing much, separately. But the whole is worth more than the sum of its parts.

In retrospect, I always feel awesome after the days that I want to tear my hair out. I used to go on and on about how the man was getting me down (kind of like how I did in Part 1 of this little diatribe*). Okay, I still go on and on about how the man is getting me down and how wonderful and amazing I am, pretty much better than anyone else ever. But that’s only because it’s true. And I am nothing, if not honest.

So, I did smooth things over with the DRS, btw. I called her on my way home from a future resident’s home. This lady and I had sat over a cup of tea and some German cake and she told me stories of the travel she and her husband had done, which eventually led to their beginnings together and apart. It really puts these little things in perspective, you know?

These are the amazing and wonderful things I thought about later:

What stories will I tell in my old age? Will I think about today? Will I talk about how good it felt to have my boss stand up for me and explain my side of things instead of acting like the boss that metaphorically kicked the knees out from under me and held me down while telling her friends to pluck my whiskers? Will I remember having a conversation with my new landlord, us both excitedly making plans for my impending move into the house he grew up in and helped his parents build? Will I recall looking forward to Mil, his gem and I making it our new home? Will I laugh about the stories I shared with new friends and old neighbours, and how good it felt to be heard? Most importantly, with all the pain and loss and sadness and death and frustration that comes with age, will I still find a way to laugh and be happy?

My new awesome friend is right. It’s time for me to start telling people they have made an impact on my life.

I need to start making phone calls.

Joe first.

Then Marg. And Eileen. Nan. Mom. (bit of a sigh before I wrote that one, I admit)

Then my new awesome friend.

Good luck and good night.



~ this post touched all all five of my current categories! Intriguing*, huh?

*totally looking this up later to review definition and context




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