Today was an amazing terrible wonderful day from hell – Part 1

At the beginning of each month my boss and I have a conference call with the two head office people who are a rung higher than us on the corporate ladder (DRO & DRS). Then they have to talk to the person who is on the next rung, who in turn reports to the big dude on top, and he reports to thousands of shareholders. So, every month my boss gives the MAT report on “what she will have me doing” for the upcoming month, then I tell them a success story of a sale that I made in the past month, and then I leave and she spends another 45 minutes or so going over the rest of the business.

So, today they were late starting and I got busy with a customer. My boss was in the office on her own and texted me to come in in a tone that made me wonder if she was drowning and throwing out a life raft. I ran in without my notes and they were acting all weird and stern, and when I sat down to listen to my boss’ report the DRO said he wanted me to give the report. I fumbled around but tried to tell them my plans in a cohesive, organized manner. They didn’t say much. Every now and then one of them would prompt me to another section, or my boss would chime in and metaphorically hold my hand. But it was mostly quiet on the other end of the line.

I tried to engage them in a conversation about an issue I wanted their assistance with and DRO kind of cut me off and said he didn’t want to talk about it right now, maybe the DRS and I could discuss it on another call. O-kay then, thanks for your help, I guess. He asked if I understood, and I did. This isn’t what the call was about. But would we really discuss it on another call or would I sit on the phone with the DRS while she talked to her children and texted on her personal cell or sent emails to other people? Thanks, can’t wait.

Don’t worry, we’re getting to the good part of the story now. Soon.

At the end of the call, after I gave my “success story” they said okay, that’s it, thank you very much. And as my boss hung up the phone I said “What’s up with them today?” aaaaaand then I realized she hung up the handset buuuuuuut we were on speakerphone, yes we were. And they heard it. And I knew they heard it. And I knew it came off as a very disrespectful thing to say. What I was saying was “Did I do something wrong? Why did the rules suddenly change?” First they had me do my boss’ part of the report and then they hung up without doing the other 45 minutes or so.

I sent the DRS an email and asked her to call me. In the meantime, they had both called my boss to discuss my indiscretion. And they’ve done this before when they mistook something I said or did. Before I go deeper into this story, you need to know that I am an honest and outspoken individual. I think inside my box but most people seem to think my box is whack (that’s a good thing, Mom) so sometimes I speak outside my head/think out loud/blurt out unfortunate comments at  unfortunate times. It’s part of my charm, is what I’ll tell anyone who is charming enough to believe me.

Then I get an calendar invite for a “Visit” on Tuesday. The DRO and the DRS are driving an hour to see MEeeeek.

That’s when I find out my boss was talking to them.

That’s when I saw that they had emailed her about me.

That’s when I heard that she completely had my back and tried to explain how things worked from my perspective.

That’s when I told her to absolutely not email them back to tell them how upset I am about all this! And I was. I was offering to find another job if they were going to disrespect me and negate my efforts. I’ve been down that road and I was not going to take it all the way to the end again. Sorry.

At the same time, I didn’t sleep last night, I hadn’t eaten yet, I was pulled from here to there and had shit going on and I was busting my ass to do my best in every way I could.

Anyway, I calmed down and spoke to my DRS and apologized for what she had heard but told her what else she would have heard if we hadn’t been disconnected. That I needed feedback.

I’ve put in a month’s worth of work in the week since I returned from vacation. And I came back from vacation a day early because I knew that’s when I needed to convert my short-stay or find some ‘above and beyond’ thing to charm her. Because I’m really good at my job but I am all about getting better. Proof or bragging, our region of 10 residences had 11 people sign a lease and move in during July and FOUR of those leases were mine. I had five move ins in a month that was slow for every other residence in my region. When I pointed out that little awesome statistic she raved about how fantastic it was and how she couldn’t wait to tell everyone during our region sales call an hour later. But she didn’t mention it. Later she said she forgot but whatever. The really funny thing was that the DRO emailed a info-graphic to all the managers in the reason detailing the importance for senior management to give feedback. Ha. Hahahaha. Yeah.

Okay, I’m going to stop rambling on about this now. I’m boring myself. Go check out Part 2 now.


Thank you.


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