Day 1

I’m a little weary of starting all this again. I’ve let it slide away so many times no one could possibly count. But Tony Robbins reminded me this morning as I rode my stationary bike that achieving a goal is 80% psychology and 20% action. If you fail it is usually because you have an inner conflict that you have to settle before you can succeed. And I think I might have finally conquered those inner conflicts now. And, if I haven’t, it’s time to figure out the next one and the next one and as many as it will take to succeed. I really think I’m ahead of the game now, though… for the first time in my almost 45 years. Time to get cracking on the 20% action!

I promised myself in January that this year I would make $60,000 and lose 60 pounds. I’m on track with the money, especially if my goal of 100% occupancy by summer’s end comes to fruition  (I’m going to bust my ass to get there!) The 60 pounds, however? I’m a little behind. (Note I didn’t say I have a little behind!) I dropped 10 earlier this year when I was competing with my sister, about 7 of which is still off. That means I have 5 months to lose 53 pounds. That’s slightly more than 10 per month. Doable. Challenging, but doable. But only if I start today. And today I did.

Day 1 : I actually got out of bed at 6:15am. I actually got on that bike for a half hour. I actually got to work on time and worked hard and cooked dinner instead of getting take out and I’m actually going to bed on time. And I’m actually tired so maybe I’ll actually sleep all night.

Onward and upward! Wish me luck!


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