Today was a great day. No reason in particular. It just felt like my train was really chugging down the track and I was in the right caboose. Actually, I did find out that I will probably be on TV for my work with a group I’m involved with. And I got further in my speaking engagement plans, actually pushed into getting my butt in gear. I had lunch with an old friend – and by old I mean 94 years old, but also someone I care about but haven’t seen in a long time – and caught up on some gossip and reminded of other old friends. I texted with my crush for over an hour (about his mom, don’t be crass ;-P). And I had my favourite soup for dinner. Now? I want to sleep. Because I also put my back out, was in crazy pain and far too lazy to try and walk it off. But overall great day. Well done, me! Good night and good luck.


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