5 minutes

I read an article today – one of those “20 habits of the most successful people” type of dealios – and it said you should write for 5 minutes every single day. Five minutes, but only five minutes. That is what this blog “What’s on my mind today” was supposed to be about so I figured I’d give it a go. Again.

Aaaaand… begin:

I just drank a bottle of wine. I wouldn’t drive or anything but I don’t really feel it. Alcohol makes me horny but I was already horny. Perhaps if I hadn’t had that bottle of wine I wouldn’t have started my five minutes with that statement, however, I will concede that, had I not had wine, I probably wouldn’t be writing at all. I’d be sitting on the couch, thinking of all the things I “should” do, all the things I “would” do, all the things I “could” do; a.k.a. all the things I NEVER do. But I digress. (Actually, I didn’t, but this is my five minutes and apparently I’m drunk so shut up. :-D)

Hmmm… what’s on my mind today? The crush, obv. But, a funny thing is, whenever I find myself fixated on something I don’t want to be fixated on, I play a little trick on myself. You see, I used to think that something coming into my mind over and over again meant I was obsessing about it, especially if it was something I shouldn’t be thinking about. Read: food or men.

Not long ago I realized I often do that fixating for fun and non-fun things. So, now, when I find myself continuously going back to something I feel is “wrong” or that I shouldn’t fixate on, I remind myself that I also couldn’t stop thinking about the video where a dude had a 25 year old zit popped (barf) or the video of the poor little turtle who had a straw stuck in his nose (which seriously makes me want to cry and I have thought of it pretty much every single day since I first saw the video last summer).

So, thinking about some man that I shouldn’t be thinking about because I love another? Nothing more than a straw in a turtle’s nose, friend. (Sorry, Mr. Turtle… I’ve never thrown a straw in the garbage since I saw your pain and I never will, I promise.) (Sorry, Mr. Love… I’m just playing pretend, I have never strayed from you and I never will, I promise.)

That was 20 minutes. Just sayin’.


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